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Koenji Awaodori

Today was the Koenji Awaodori. The festival lasts two days, and takes place in the evening. It is a traditional dance with a history of over 400 years. The dancers are accompanied by flutes, shamisen, chimes, and taiko. As they dance through the streets lined with tens of thousands of spectators, the dancers sing shout. It’s an extremely lively and fun evening.

In the daytime, while I was waiting for the festival to start, I walked past Koenji to Nakano. There, I stumbled across Nakano Broadway for the first time. I had seem this place before on YouTube vlogs, but I had no idea where it was!

I also went thrifting for the first time. Koenji is great for vintage and used clothing, and a lot of it is either brand new or close to new. I needed to get a black suit for the opening ceremony day at school, and I was able to find a high quality black suit jacket for just 1000 yen (about $11 CAD)!

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