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Welcome to Elle’s Room!

I arrived in Tokyo from Vancouver, Canada in the late August of 2019, as an ALT on the JET Program. I will be staying here for a year, teaching English at a high school in the Suginami ward. Coming from a country with a lot of land, but very few people, my life in Tokyo is a big challenge! Everything is new, from the language, to the people and culture, living in such a densely populated city, and so on. I hope to make the best of my year here in Tokyo, and have many new and exciting experiences!

Costco in Japan and Karaage Lunch!

This was an awesome day out, and something that two of my Japanese friends and I had been planning since January! With conflicting work schedules, it was difficult to find a time when all three of us could get a whole day free, but this weekend, we finally made it out to the Costco in…

Italian Dinner and English Study in Tokyo

I have been volunteering at a local library here in Tokyo, reading stories in English to young Japanese children. Recently, one of the staff who I work with said that she has become interested in learning English, and asked if I would teach her. I was very pleased, so I happily agreed! We have decided…

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