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Birthday Pottery from Japanese Teacher

Just now, as I was sitting at my desk, one of the Japanese teachers of English brought me a belated birthday present. My birthday was actually several days ago, but I stayed totally quiet about it, and not many people knew. So, she only found out about it a few days ago.

It was the perfect gift, too! I used to have a small black bowl, but I actually dropped and broke it a couple months back. Now, I often just eat from the same big bowl that I use for ramen and soups. Not only was there a small rice bowl, but there was also a tiny matching bowl, which would be perfect for soy sauce or little side dishes!

She told me that this type of pottery is called hasami yaki (波佐見焼), from the Hasami region of Nagasaki. It was developed about 400 years ago, and was distributed not only throughout Japan, but exported to Europe as well. It’s actually really perfect, because I also have quite an interest in the historical events that occurred in Nagasaki. What a thoughtful gift! ❤

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