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Mochi Waffles at School in Tokyo

The principal brought his waffle maker in to school, so when I got to school in the morning, there it was right next to my desk. The principal does this from time to time. For example, on the first day back to work after New Year’s holiday, he brought in ingredients and made a huge batch of udon to share with all of the teachers!

Since my desk is closest to the kitchen area of the office space, all this happens at the empty table beside my desk. So, I get a front row view of these little cooking parties.

Now then, beside the waffle maker, there was also a bag of mochi, a bottle of soy sauce, a pack of nori, and sugar. Close to lunch time, the lovely lady who looks after the kitchen area asked me if I would like some mochi. I of course said yes, so she went to ask the principal if it was alright. He himself then came over to make it!

He put two blocks of mochi in, then set the timer for five minutes. The whole office started to smell like toasted mochi, and other teachers started to gather around, saying, “Moffle, moffle!” I guess that’s what a mochi waffle is called! XD

Pretty soon, we had a little mochi party going!

I topped mine with soy sauce and nori, traditional style. Other teachers mixed sugar and soy sauce together to make a sweet-savory syrup to drizzle over their mochi waffles.

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