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Corona Virus in Tokyo, Day 2: No School, Baby Chicks in the Office!

Okay, so school without the students wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yesterday, March 2nd, was my first day at work without classes. This means that we mostly spend the day in the large office, lesson planning and doing other tasks. I’m actually surprisingly busy, and yesterday, I ended up staying two and a half hours beyond my time.

The principal did a fantastic job of lightening the atmosphere. There was a lot of left over ingredients in the cafeteria that had to be used up before they went off: eggs, milk, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc.

So, the principal does what he often does when classes are cancelled…he got out the massive pots and rice cookers, and spent all afternoon preparing different foods for us! He began by making oyakodon, which is a popular meal in Japan. It’s made with egg, chicken, soy sauce, green onion, mirin, and a bit of sugar. It’s then eaten on top of rice, and topped with shredded nori and sliced leek. Delicious!

This was quickly devoured by the teachers, so the principal soon got to work on a massive pot of udon, filled with various veggies and deep fried tofu. We topped this with a raw egg. The principal really is a good cook!

As if all this wasn’t enough to lighten the mood, we now have baby chicks in our office! Since there will not be any classes for a month, the rest of the school buildings are without heat, so it would be too cold for them to survive. So, it looks like they will be in here with us!

We can hear them chirping throughout the day, and they were quite the centre of attention. They will grow rapidly, so I will take photos of them every day. To be honest, they were already noticeably more active in the evening than they had been just that very morning! They’re developing very quickly.

Look at that little guy in the back, proudly standing right on top of their food. XD

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