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Katsu Curry Lunch at School

Today was a test day, plus many of the students were away on a ski trip, so there were no classes. As usual, this means that the school did not open the cafeteria, and school meals were also not served. On such days, sometimes the teachers get bento boxes, but this time, the cafeteria staff rolled huge carts of food into the office.

The office space is actually huge. It’s a long room that stretches back tens of meters. My desk happens to be at the very front end of the room, right by the kitchen area. So, all this food is set up literally inches from me, and all 70 teachers come lining up by my desk to get their lunch. It’s very amusing!

The blue box was filled with steaming hot rice, and there were metal vats of curry, chicken karaage, and menchi katsu (a deep fried, breaded ground meat cutlet).

The menchi katsu

There was also a side salad that included a whole bunch of ingredients, including shredded omelette and daikon. Such a treat! Today’s lunch was one of the best so far.

They made so much extra food, plus there were some teachers who either didn’t cone to school today or who did not want any, so there was tons left over, and it has been sitting by my desk all day! Smells so good…

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