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Legendary Ramen in Tokyo

Yesterday evening, after English conversation with those two lovely Japanese ladies at our favorite cafe, I went for ramen!

I had recently discovered that there was a Taishoken shop near my home, in Ogikubo. Taishoken is a legendary chain of ramen shops in Japan founded by Masayasu Sakaguchi in 1951. There’s even a full length documentary about it! (But, be prepared to get very hungry. You have been warned.)

I got the abura soba (really oily, thick noodles), and my friend got the shina soba (the most foundational, basic ramen). Both were just 570 yen! Unbelievable.

I was super happy with my abura soba. The flavors were quite strong, which I was happy with. And, it was actually just a bit sweet as well. Really lovely.

The shina soba had a very nice, light broth and thinner noodles. I would definitely say that between the two of them, this is the healthier option. But, if you like bold flavors and have a big appetite, definitely go for the abura soba!

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