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English Conversation at a Cafe in Tokyo

After work today, I rushed over to the Ogikubo Station area to meet two Japanese ladies at the Town Seven mall. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had met two wonderful ladies and that we are starting to meet regularly for English conversation practice.

We went to Kurashiki coffee (the same cafe as last week). This time, however, I didn’t order a hot coffee. Would you believe that it was 16 degrees in Tokyo today and yesterday?! In Vancouver, this winter it has gone as low as -15 degrees. And, Vancouver is the warmest part of Canada!

To say the least, I was burning hot, so for the first time, I ordered an iced coffee.

It was very good. I added more sugar than I should have 🙂

We talked for over two and a half hours! I must admit that most of it was in Japanese. But, even the Japanese conversation was useful explanations and discussions of English grammar and pronunciation, so I think it was best that way.

For Japanese, some difficult words to pronounce are: avocado, refill, work vs. walk, and other such things. We had many interesting discussions about accent patterns and Japanese culture. We completely lost track of time!

We also shared some avocado and egg sandwiches as we chatted. They were scrumptious!

I feel lucky to have met so many wonderful people since arriving in Tokyo!

When we get together again next week, we will discuss Ranald MacDonald, who was the first native English teacher to arrive in Japan! Here is a link to the teaching materials that I made about him, and used for my high school students:

Click to access ranald-macdonald-3-3-1.pdf

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