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Delicious Indian Restaurant, “Reka” in Tokyo

Earlier this month, I went out to Kasai, which takes me about an hour by train because it’s in a whole different area of Tokyo. I had known about this restaurant for quite some time, ever since Yogi Puranik was elected City Councillor of Edogawa. He was the first person of Indian origin to win an election in Japan!

The restaurant, Reka, is in fact owned and run by his mother, and they have an impressive menu with loads of authentic Indian dishes, snacks and sweets that are hard to find here in Japan.

I was actually in a big hurry so I couldn’t stay long enough to have a proper meal. Instead, I ordered a stuffed paratha (500 yen) and two samosas (600 yen). I haven’t had a paratha since I was in India!

The parathas are so soft and fluffy that they melt in your mouth, and the chutney for the samosas…! I usually don’t really like the tamarind sauce that comes with samosas, but this was delicious, and clearly homemade.

One of the best things was that as soon as I gave her my order, she went back into the kitchen and you could hear her making everything fresh from scratch! There was the sound of her chopping up vegetables, rolling out the dough, and the distinct sizzle of the oil as she dropped in the samosas. What a treat!

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