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Nepali-Indian Restaurant “Shiva” in Tokyo

I have discovered a fantastic Nepali-Indian restaurant in Asagaya, Tokyo. Almost all of the restaurants in Japan that serve Indian cuisine are actually run by Nepalis, and often, even if you ask for the spicy/hot option, it comes to you mild and sweet. The rice is usually Japanese or American rice, and sometimes they even use Japanese curry roux.

So, I was delighted to find that this was not at all the case with Shiva. They make their own curries by scratch, with plenty of spices, and when you ask for hot, it really is very hot! (Actually, be careful! If you’re not good with chili, be sure to order the mild option.)

I got the butter chicken lunch set for 660 yen (about $6.50) and my friend got the Nepali lunch set for just 610 yen (about $6.00)!

The lunch sets also come with free refills of naan or rice. And the Indian lunches also come with an additional side salad and any drink of your choice. I always go with the mango lassi. Oh, and the rice is actually real Indian long grain rice, too! I definitely recommend Shiva if you’re craving some spicy food and you’re in the Asagaya area of Tokyo!

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