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Today’s School Lunch in Tokyo

It’s influenza season here in Tokyo, which means there are a lot of students staying at home sick. This also means that a lot of school meals get left behind. Whenever there are leftovers, the teachers bring them on trays to the kitchen area of our office. Usually, there’s a couple of side salads, maybe a soup, and bowls of white rice. A few times a week, an entree makes it in as well.

But, today! The trays just didn’t stop coming. There were heaps and heaps of meals — so much so that they didn’t even fit on the kitchen counter anymore. One meal actually ended up having to be placed on the desk beside me.

The entree was potatoes, veggies and chicken. (The potatoes were the best part!) There was a bean side salad, bowls of rice, and a coffee jelly for dessert. All really nice! …Except the salad 😛

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