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New Year’s Food in Japan: Soba and Ozoni

In Japan, it is a tradition to have soba on the night of New Year’s Eve, and then to enjoy a hot bowl of ozoni soup the following morning, on New Year’s Day. In preparation, I went shopping on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, and bought an assortment of vegetables. I also got some tempura so that I could make tempura soba!

I had been planning on making soba using the usual dry type of noodle that is available everywhere, but on my walk back home in the evening, I happened to glance through a doorway, and somehow, it just really looked to me like it was a soba maker. I poked my head through the door, and it turned out that he had hand-made fresh soba and had been selling it all day by pre-order. He was just closing for the day and had only one package left, and he kindly sold it to me! It was 1000 yen for three bundles. 2020 will be my lucky year.

Gotta have those slices of green onion and togarashi chili!

The following morning, according to plan, I had some ozoni. It had green onions, wakame seaweed, carrots, mushrooms, chicken, and mochi, all in a soy-based broth.

Unfortunately, I could only have a small sip, though, because around 2AM on New Year’s Eve, I suddenly got struck with food poisoning after returning home from omairi (the tradition of visiting shrines on New Year’s Eve night)

Here is the culprit of my food poisoning. Unfortunately, I made the poor decision of going for hotpot a few nights earlier with a friend 😦

Ugh. Why you do this to me?

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