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Ogikubo Sports Centre Open House

This weekend, I went to my local sports centre for the first time. In Japanese, it is called a taikukan. It turns out that it is actually very close to my school.

Today was an open house day at the sports centre, so there were various activities happening all throughout the building, and you could participate in each one of them for free.

First, I tried ping pong, and then I went to another room and tried out naginata for the first time.

In between the classes, I got a bit peckish and I bought a snack from a local vendor who was there just for the occasion. I settled on Negi (green onion) made with soy beans. Delicious!

After that, I took a whole yoga class for the first time in my life, followed by a full class that introduced us to the basics of aikido. I had heard of aikido before, but I had no idea what it really was, and I do not think that I had ever reallY seen it in action before. This was probably the most fun and hands-on class, so afterwards, when they mentioned that they would b starting a new weekly course that ran from October 20 until December 8, I knew that I wanted to register. Definitely a worthwhile way to spend my Sunday evenings!

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