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Suginami Folk Museum

I went out exploring the area around my hotel. I walked up to Ogikubo Station, and from there, took a right and wandered through some winding streets, hoping to stumble across something interesting.

Sure enough, I soon came across the Suginami Folk Museum annex (called Suginami Kuritsu Kyodo Hakubutsukan Bunkan). The main branch is elsewhere and charges a small entry fee, but this one is completely free to enter. It was a welcome break from the sweltering August heat!

There is a beautiful park outside, but I didn’t look around very long to avoid the mosquitoes.

The staff inside the museum were very kind and I asked them for some maps of the are before heading upstairs to take a peek at the exhibit. They had lots of old photos, train tickets, and other neat items to showcase the train cars that used to run through the area.

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